Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Keep your home running smoothly and prevent large, expensive repairs.


What Is an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection?

You can think of an annual home maintenance inspection as a preventative maintenance inspection, or a doctor's checkup, but for your home. A home maintenance inspection is designed to look for routine maintenance or repairs that may have been missed or any seemingly minor problems with the home that could become major financial or safety issues. The objective of the home maintenance inspection is to keep the systems in your home running smoothly and to save you time — and money — in the future.

After your inspection, you'll receive a summary of your home's condition, with recommendations and helpful tips to keep it in great shape. We recommend performing a home maintenance inspection once a year.

An annual home maintenance inspection covers many common problem areas, including the items listed below.

Why Hire a Home Inspector for Your Maintenance Inspection?

With a trained eye, developed through experience and formal education, your home inspector knows where and how to look for issues that may otherwise go unnoticed for years. It's important to catch problems early on when they're cheaper and easier to repair. For example; Under the right circumstances, a simple leaking pipe could turn into a major structural problem years later.

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Annual Home Inspections Give You Peace Of Mind

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